Smart City

22 April 2020

Earth Day reminds us that Hong Kong universities need to lead the way

Faculty members of CityU's Department of Asian and International Studies argue that Hong Kong universities need to lead the way in promoting sustainability.
23 September 2020

Unveil Urbanization ‘Bubbles’ in China : Sustainable Urbanization in Theory and Policy

This chapter reflects the matching of urbanization demand and supply through the four-quadrant axis and completes the empirical analysis of China’s urbanization bubble in terms of land between 2006 and 2016.
23 September 2020

How Hong Kong can tackle the climate crisis and its economic problems at the same time

Dr Justin Robertson commends the work carried out within the “Hong Kong 2050 is Now” project, and proposes a new institution to kick-start Hong Kong’s efforts to address climate change.
23 September 2020

Safeguarding intangible heritage through edutainment in China’s creative urban environments

Dr LUO Yu of the Department of Chinese and History critically examines the role of edutainment in intangible heritage preservation.
28 September 2020

Hong Kong Professional Services in the Co-evolving Belt-Road Initiative: Innovative Agency for Sustainable Development

Principal investigator: Professor Linda LI Che-lan (Department of Public Policy) Grant type: Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) Funding Scheme
11 October 2020

Recent progress on innovative urban infrastructures system towards sustainable resource management

To address various emerging challenges and capture opportunities for urban transition from an infrastructure system innovation perspective, this Special Issue (“Urban infrastructures system for sustainable resource management”) of the journal highlighted recent progress on characterizing the sustainability of infrastructure system towards sustainable urban development and resource management.
11 October 2020

In the wake of the China-Africa ivory trade : more-than-human ethics across borders

Global responses to the hotly debated China-Africa ivory trade in the past decade offer an entry point to examine whether and how African elephants have come to matter in China ethically. This article highlights the complexity of more-than-human ethics across geographic spaces and politico-cultural boundaries.
11 October 2020


11 October 2020

Correlating PM2.5 concentrations with air pollutant emissions : A longitudinal study of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

This paper models the statistical relationship between PM2.5 concentration and air pollutant emissions (SO2, NOx, etc.), together with wind and neighboring transfer impacts at the city level, to identify ways of calculating intended maximum emission levels in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.
4 November 2020

Smart City Workshop for PhD Students

This workshop aims to provide an interactive communication platform for research students from smart city cluster at CLASS, CityU. Date 10 December 2020 Venue TBC Chairpersons Dr DONG Liang, Dr WEN Bo and Prof ZHANG Xiaoling  
12 December 2020

Making Smart and Sustainable Cities: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue on the Infrastructure, Governance, and Behaviors

This workshop is the inaugural event for the Smart City Cluster, connecting scholars with diverse research expertise and practices from different cities to discuss how interdisciplinary exchanges may provide an engaged and critical platform for this research area. All the infrastructure, governance, and human behaviors will be investigated and discussed. Date 15 December 2020 Zoom Links Morning Session (9am-12:40pm): Conference ID: 935 7496 7999 Afternoon Session (2pm-5:30pm): Conference ID: 957 4409 5549 Session Chairpersons – Prof ZHANG Xiaoling, City University of Hong Kong – Prof Alfred HO, University of Kansas – Dr DONG Liang, City University of Hong Kong Enquiry Email:
1 February 2021

CityU CSHK PASS Workshop Series #1 – Cultural Diversity and Efficient Management: Hong Kong Professional Services, Overseas Investments and Special Economic Zones in Cambodia

What are the opportunities and risks of investing or expanding business operation in Cambodia? What are the benefits and concerns for developing businesses in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) there? What unique roles could Hong Kong professional services play to facilitate mutual advancement? This Workshop aims to present a portrait of business opportunities and challenges in Cambodia from three perspectives: 1) the local Cambodian, 2) the Belt and Road and 3) Hong Kong. Through triangulation of first-hand information, insights and successful experience shared by seasoned entrepreneurs, professional practitioners, SEZs management, scholars and government officials, participants would be able to distil an in-depth understanding of cultural diversity and efficient management of overseas investments and SEZs in Cambodia. In particular, this Workshop will unpack the challenges and scrutinize the pathways whereby Hong Kong professional services and businesses may perform their distinctive roles in mitigating risks and thus take part for mutual gains and sustainable development in Cambodia. Date 8 February 2021 (Monday) Time 9am – 12pm (Hong Kong Time) / 8am – 11am (Cambodia Time) Registration Format – Zoom webinar – Conducted mainly in English – Free admission Enquiry Email:
24 February 2021

New Methodology for Assessing Spatial Inequality Quantitatively

Spatial inequality in basic service provision can negatively affect living standards, economic security, and human rights, and have wide policy implications. Thus, the issue needs to be considered when developing strategic planning for smart city development. Professor ZHANG Xiaoling and her team presented a new methodology to evaluate the distribution of resources in metropolitan cities based on small-area-level analysis, and proved the effectiveness of this methodology using New York City as an empirical case.