4 March 2021

Investigating the Language Abilities and Attitudes on Ethnic Minority Students

Dr LI Bin of CityU’s Department of Linguistics and Translation conducted a survey on ethnic minority students in Hong Kong to examine their proficiency levels and attitudes of the main languages in use.
13 July 2021

An Encounter with Pineapple Boy 我和菠蘿仔有個約會

(Video in Cantonese only with bilingual subtitles) Feeling anxious about your examination? In this video, Dr John LEE of CityU’s Department of Linguistics and Translation introduces the first Cantonese counselling chatbot developed by his team which offers support and counselling advice to students who suffer from academic issues, test anxiety or loneliness.  He also explains how his research team facilitates the chatbot development.
25 May 2023

城大研新外語自學系統 個人化設計提升閱讀能力 (Chinese Version Only)

22 December 2023

First Corpus-based Quantitative Exploration of Verb-Frame Distribution in Chinese Textbooks

Textbooks serve as a vital language input for language acquisition, as indicated by usage-based accounts of language acquisition. Prof LIU Meichun and Prof John LEE Sie-yuen from CityU’s Department of Linguistics and Translation conducted a research project analysing verb-frame diversity and distribution trends by difficulty levels based on a corpus of primary school Chinese textbooks.