One Health

21 September 2020

A Pre- and Post-test Intervention Design to Develop a Communication Training Model for Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): a Pilot Study

This study will investigate the effectiveness of an intervention enhancing TCM practitioners' communication skills. The proposed intervention is expected to improve patient-centred communication and proficiency and to result in better care through the integration of patient’s Western medical history.
21 September 2020

Overcoming Barriers to Influenza Vaccination in Hong Kong: Designing Culture-Centric Narratives for Health Promotion

Despite its effectiveness in prevention, the influenza vaccination coverage in Hong Kong has remained lower than the 30% threshold proportion required for building up basic herd immunity. This project tries to introduce narrative persuasion as an effective tool for promoting influenza vaccine uptakes in Hong Kong.
21 September 2020

Reconstruction of Transmission Pairs for novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in mainland China : Estimation of Super-spreading Events, Serial Interval, and Hazard of Infection

Knowledge on the epidemiological features and transmission patterns of COVID-19 is accumulating. Detailed line-list data with household settings can advance the understanding of COVID-19 transmission dynamics.
21 September 2020

The Macrosecuritization of Antimicrobial Resistance in China

Drawing on knowledge of both Chinese politics and health security, this article analyzes how Chinese actors have responded to the threat in the public and animal health sectors as well as the domestic and international implications of these responses.
21 September 2020

A Cross-cultural Examination of Masculinity and Health Behaviour in Hong Kong : the Mediating Role of Age and Social Support

This study examined masculinity as a predictor of engagement in health behaviour, and explores the mediating effect of age and social support on the relationship between conformity to masculine norms and health behaviour.
21 September 2020

Countering Anti-Vaccination Rumors on Twitter

This study examined the effects of the counter-rumor on changes in belief about the anti-vaccination claim, anxiety associated with the rumor, intentions to vaccinate a child and share the rumor.
7 October 2020

公益廣告的健康傳播策略評估 : 以香港流感廣告爲例

7 October 2020

The Impact of Government Trust on the Public Health Risk Management : An Empirical Study Based on Changsheng Bio-Technology Vaccine Incident

This study acknowledges the current research gap and builds an integrative framework portraying a more comprehensive picture about the relationship between government trust and public health risk assessment in the high-trust Chinese context.
7 October 2020

The Role of Expectation Violation in Online Patient-Doctor Communication: Evidence from a Chinese Online E-health Websites

Drawing on the expectancy violation theory, this study investigates how patients’ expectation affects their trust with the doctor and their satisfaction with the mediated patient-doctor interaction.
7 October 2020

媒體在流行病爆發事件中的干預作用 : 基於傳染病模型理論和新型冠狀病毒疫情案例的分析

25 November 2020

Efficacy of Omega-3 Supplementation in Reducing Antisocial Behaviour

Omega-3 supplementation may help reduce childhood antisocial and aggressive behaviour in females, and in children with high psychopathic-like personality, in an East Asian population, a study conducted by Dr Annis FUNG Lai-chu suggested.
15 January 2021

Structured Handovers of Nurses for Better Patient Care

Adopting a structured and clear clinical handovers can largely reduce any miscommunication about patient that leads to avoidable incidents, says Dr Jack PUN of CityU’s Department of English.
24 February 2021

Investigating Hong Kong Nurses’ Intention to Take Vaccines

Dr Ben LI Kin-kit and his collaborators conducted a study to investigate Hong Kong nurses’ influenza vaccine uptake rate, their intention to have COVID-19 vaccine and the psychological underpinnings of their vaccine hesitancy.
25 February 2021

Background and trust in government affect citizens’ willingness to receive COVID-19 vaccines

A research team led by Professor Christine HUANG Yihui, Chair Professor of Communication and Media, conducted a poll to find out citizens’ willingness to get vaccinated and any correlation between their tendencies and backgrounds.
7 September 2021

Language and Discourse in COVID-19 Response: The New Zealand Case

Given New Zealand has so far been regarded as successful in fighting the pandemic, Dr Christoph HAFNER of CityU’s Department of English investigates whether (and how) the NZ government’s communication practices have played a role throughout the process.