Housing Issue

4 April 2022
劏房現象成因複雜 癥結難望短期解決

劏房現象成因複雜 癥結難望短期解決 (Chinese Version Only)

劏房現象成因複雜 癥結難望短期解決 城大公共及國際事務學系葉毅明教授評論劏房問題近年有持續惡化的跡象,實際情況較推算的結果嚴重。要找出問題的癥結所在,先從源頭說起。
24 November 2023

Benefits and Challenges of Hong Kong’s First Transitional Social Housing Project

To provide affordable housing to people in need, the government implemented a policy of transitional social housing in 2018 to enhance the livelihood of low-income families. Prof CHAN Siu-ming of CityU’s Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, published his research findings about Hong Kong’s first TSH project Nam Cheong 220 and evaluated the social impact and effectiveness of the project.