English Language

8 October 2020

Editorial: Introduction to this Special Issue : English for Academic and Professional Purposes in the Digital Era

Developments in digital communication technologies have had a significant effect on the way that people communicate, including how we gain access to, create and disseminate knowledge in academic and professional contexts. The purpose of this special issue is to engage with these issues.
5 May 2022
提升英文寫作能力 加強STEM教育成效

提升英文寫作能力 加強STEM教育成效 (Chinese Version Only)

提升英文寫作能力 加強STEM教育成效 城大英文系潘國雄博士研發出文體教學法,以提升學生英文寫作能力為切入點,提供有效方法讓老師幫助學生掌握以英文書寫理科報告或論文,達致教學相長。
9 September 2022
Language Ideologies of International Students in a Hong Kong EMI University

Language Ideologies of International Students in a Hong Kong EMI University

Language Ideologies of International Students in a Hong Kong EMI University To dissect the language-related experiences and beliefs of international students, Dr Matthew SUNG of CityU’s Department of English launched a research project at an EMI university in Hong Kong. From the perspectives of language policy and critical sociolinguistics, he zoomed in on their ideologies about the roles, the varieties, and the monolingual and multilingual uses of English in the EMI university context.
21 October 2022

How to Study Effectively in Science through English 理科英文是怎樣煉成的

(Video in Cantonese only with bilingual subtitles) STEM has been a popular trend in education locally and globally. However, many local students still share several struggles while using English to study Science. In this video, Dr Jack PUN, Assistant Professor of CityU’s Department of English, showcases the in-school practices of Translanguaging and Genre-based Pedagogy.
15 September 2023

Empowering Novices to become Experts: Impact of the Legal English Project 培養初學者成爲專家:法律英語項目之影響

legal-english-research (Video in English only with bilingual subtitles) Learning ‘legal English’, the specialised language that students encounter in law school, is particularly challenging. Law students must learn to use English forms and structures in such a way as to meet the expectations of members of the legal academic community, consistent with the conventions of the legal discipline. Professor Christoph Hafner, Associate Professor of CityU’s Department of English, formed an interdisciplinary project team with legal and language experts in local and overseas universities, in order to develop a digital multimedia resource for legal English based on an analysis of the language needs of Hong Kong law students. The resources are available online, bringing effective communication and advocacy skills for law students and legal professionals worldwide.