Digital Humanities

27 December 2018

科技開拓新徑 國學文化再盛 (Chinese Version Only)

22 September 2020

Charting the Emergence of the Digital Humanities in China

This chapter seeks to chart the emergence of the digital humanities paradigm within the Chinese humanities, especially its more recent developments from the mid-2010s onwards.
23 September 2020

唐代人物大數據 : 中國歷代人物傳記資料庫(CBDB)和數位史學

13 April 2021

Global Digital Humanities Symposium – “Amplifying Local Voices: Perspectives on Digital Humanities Praxis from the South”

The field of digital humanities (DH) can provide a framework for critiquing the politics, practices, and discourses that underpin the production of new computational and data infrastructures. But DH can only realize its radical possibilities for rethinking present and future paradigms by decentering the Global North and looking to the South. For DH to emerge as a critical voice in our global digital economy, it must take seriously both the material practices and lived realities of digital practitioners in the Global South. So what can DH learn from the South to create work that is ethical, equitable, and just? Organised by MIT Digital Humanities Lab, in this symposium, this panel provides case studies of innovative DH work in Mexico, Ghana, Hong Kong, and India amongst others to shift conceptions of the South as a place of lack within the digital humanities towards new research that recenters local context and analyses of techno-political power. Additionally, by reflexively examining our disciplinary entanglements within uneven networks of power, the panelists will explore how DH praxis from the South opens up new possibilities for thinking about the pressing issues of our data-driven world. This interdisciplinary panel will feature the following DH scholars from around the world: Isabel Galina Russell (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang (University of Ghana), Dr TSUI Lik-hang (City University of Hong Kong), and Mayurakshi Chaudhuri (Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur). Following presentations from each panelist, there will be a discussion moderated by MIT Postdoctoral Fellow, Kanyinsola Obayan. Date & Time 15 April 2021 (Thursday), 5pm – 6:30pm (EST) 16 April 2021 (Friday), 5am – 6:30am (HKT) Registration Please click here to join the stream Presented by: 1. Mayurakshi Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor of Sociology & Digital Humanities Coordinator, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur 2. Isabel Galina Russell, Researcher, Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) 3. Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang, Lecturer, Department of English, University of Ghana, Legon 4. Dr TSUI Lik-hang, Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong Moderator: Kanyinsola Obayan, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT Digital Humanities Lab  
3 June 2021

人機優勢互補 數碼人文以新角度鑑古觀今 (Chinese Version Only)

6 July 2021

歷史數碼化 (Chinese Version Only)

29 September 2021

The Social Circles of Chinese Historical Figures 古人朋友圈

(Video in Cantonese only with bilingual subtitles) Have you ever imagined whether Tang poets Li Bai and Du Fu knew each other? As technology advances, one can gain an understanding of the social networks of historical figures with the help of digital tools. The use of information technologies in humanities research is referred to as “digital humanities”. In this video, Dr TSUI Lik-hang of CityU’s Department of Chinese and History introduces this mode of research and explains how it can help enhance the depth and breadth of the research by humanities scholars.
29 March 2022

Miscibility and Digital Humanities: What kinds of solutions are we talking about?

Date 8 February 2023 (Wed) Time 16:30 – 18:30 (HKT) Format Zoom Meeting Registration Click here for registration. Speakers Professor Caroline BASSETT, Professor, University of Cambridge Dr Xiaoyu XU, Assistant Professor, Department of English, City University of Hong Kong Dr Esterina NERVINO, Assistant Professor, Department of English, City University of Hong Kong Enquiries Dr Esterina NERVINO ( / +852 3442-8732
26 April 2023

Digital Humanities and Multimodality

Date 10 May 2023 (Wed) Time 16:00 – 18:00 (HKT) Format Zoom Meeting Registration Click here for registration. Speakers Professor John A. Bateman, Professor, Departments of English and Linguistics, Bremen University Dr Christoph Hafner, Associate Professor, Department of English, City University of Hong Kong Enquiries Dr Esterina NERVINO ( / +852 3442-8732  
26 April 2023

Trolling the bot: Human-machine performances and the metapragmatics of AI

Date 11 October 2023 (Wed) Time 17:00 – 18:30 (HKT) Format Hybrid Mode (Zoom and In-person) Venue LI-1400, Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building, CityU Registration Click here for registration. Speakers Professor Rodney Jones, Professor of Sociolinguistics, Head of Department, University of Reading Enquiries Professor Christoph HAFNER ( / +852 3442-8734