Social Media

12 June 2019

科技不可代替現實溝通模式 (Chinese Version Only)

21 September 2020

Countering Anti-Vaccination Rumors on Twitter

This study examined the effects of the counter-rumor on changes in belief about the anti-vaccination claim, anxiety associated with the rumor, intentions to vaccinate a child and share the rumor.
23 September 2020

Depolarization through Social Media Use : Evidence from dual identifiers in Hong Kong

This article elaborates the roles played by different forms of social identities, by analysing three datasets collected in Hong Kong,
23 September 2020

Examining the roles of social media and alternative media in social movement participation : A study of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement

During the recent wave of pro-democracy movement across the world, new media technologies play a vital role in mobilizing participants. This study examines the impacts of social media and alternative media on social movement participation in Hong Kong.
8 October 2020

Electoral and Public Opinion Forecasts with Social Media Data : A Meta-Analysis

In recent years, many studies have used social media data to make estimates of electoral outcomes and public opinion. This paper reports the findings from a meta-analysis examining the predictive power of social media data.
11 October 2020

Context Collapse or Context Relapse? Analyzing Social and Anti-Social Affordances of Social Media

This paper takes a closer look at two widely used and closely linked concepts in social media scholarship—affordances and context collapse—and critically assesses their value for future research.
11 October 2020

Social media and citizen engagement : A meta-analytic review

This meta-analytic study reviews empirical research published from 2007 to 2013 with an aim of providing robust conclusions about the relationship between social media use and citizen engagement.
25 December 2021
In China, Bragging About Your Wealth Can Get You Censored

In China, Bragging About Your Wealth Can Get You Censored

In China, Bragging About Your Wealth Can Get You Censored Dr Jun ZHANG of CityU's Department of Public and International Affairs opines that the recent crackdown on flaunting wealth online seems to appease public dissatisfaction from a perspective of Chinese class politics.
31 August 2022

First Ever Online Racial Discrimination Study in Hong Kong

Funded by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), Dr WANG Yuan of CityU’s Department of Media and Communication led a research project titled “A Study of Online Media Representation of Ethnic Minorities and Online Racial Discrimination in Hong Kong.” It analysed how online news articles and their reader comments portray ethnic minority groups in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemic and whether this portrayal involves racial bias, stereotypes, or discrimination.