Karson Shek

18 February 2024

One-fourth of Hongkongers deterred from visiting Japan amid nuclear water concerns: survey

Professor Christine Huang Yi-hui of CityU's Department of Media and Communication shared her findings from the survey about Hong Kong citizens’ views on Japan's nuclear wastewater discharge.
18 February 2024

Impact of Japan’s Nuclear Wastewater Discharge on Hong Kong Citizens’ Travel to Japan

Professor Christine Huang Yi-hui of CityU’s Department of Media and Communication led a survey to investigate Hong Kong citizens’ views on the perceived risks of Japan's nuclear wastewater discharge and their attitude towards travelling to Japan and purchasing Japanese products.
26 January 2024

The Era of AI: How Persuasive is Artificial Intelligence as Compared to Humans?

As AI takes on a growing diversity of tasks, people are curious about the communication effectiveness of AI versus humans. Professor HUANG Guanxiong, Associate Professor of CityU’s Department of Media and Communication, conducted a research on the relative effects of AI versus humans on persuasion and help uncover the circumstances under which these effects are stronger, weaker, or null.
22 December 2023

First Corpus-based Quantitative Exploration of Verb-Frame Distribution in Chinese Textbooks

Textbooks serve as a vital language input for language acquisition, as indicated by usage-based accounts of language acquisition. Prof LIU Meichun and Prof John LEE Sie-yuen from CityU’s Department of Linguistics and Translation conducted a research project analysing verb-frame diversity and distribution trends by difficulty levels based on a corpus of primary school Chinese textbooks.
27 November 2023

Thailand wants to build a brand new shipping route. Why isn’t China buying?

Professor Linda TJIA of CityU's Department of Public and International Affairs discussed China's involvement in major projects in Southeast Asia.
16 November 2023

Nurturing Medical Professionals to be Pioneer in Medical Education Research

Prof Jack PUN of CityU’s Department of English is an expert in health communication and has extensive experience in conducting qualitative research in medicine. Invited by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, he organised a workshop at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Innovative Centre for Medicine to share his expertise and provide research training to its faculty members and related clinicians in Hong Kong.
9 November 2023

香港學者:考古成為文化「通用語」 (Chinese Version Only)

18 October 2023

城大護老藍圖評估照顧者需要 (Chinese Version Only)

5 October 2023

傑出教學獎2023|城大教授將AI融入歷史教育 激發學生主動求證 (Chinese Version Only)

20 September 2023

Survey Reveals Hong Kong Citizens Mentally Overcome Pandemic Gloom But Information Fatigue Looms

Since the World Health Organization declared an end to COVID-19 as a public health emergency, Hong Kong citizens’ lives have gradually resumed normal. Professor Christine HUANG Yi-hui, Chair Professor of CityU’s Department of Media and Communication (COM), and her research team* conducted online surveys with 1,913 Hong Kong citizens aged 20+ from April to July 2023. The objective is to understand their perceptions of psychological, living and interpersonal well-being.
4 August 2023

As nations battle for AI supremacy, what about the cost of creative destruction?

Professor Bert GEORGE of CityU’s Department of Public and International Affairs recommends nations to strategically plan for AI’s creative destruction.
12 July 2023

香港減排系列|私家車轉油為電是交通減排關鍵 (Chinese Version Only)

27 June 2023

What Chinese Calligraphy Taught Me About Myself

Professor Jerrine TAN of CityU's Department of English recounted her experience of learning Chinese calligraphy and the wisdom accentuated by the art.
20 June 2023

Storytelling Reduces Aggression and Bullying in Young Schoolchildren

Storytelling brings various psychological and educational benefits to young children. Children learn valuable life lessons through listening to an adventure story or a fairy tale. Instead of giving lectures to children to teach them good behaviour and morals, storytelling is a more effective way to instill good deeds in children. Dr Annis FUNG Lai-chu, Associate Professor of CityU’s Department of Social and Behavioural Science, has conducted a first-ever study to investigate the positive impacts of a storytelling intervention based on the social information processing (SIP) model in reducing reactive and proactive aggression among schoolchildren.
10 June 2023

The Moral Hazards of Being Beautiful

Professor WANG Xijing of CityU's Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences shared her research findings on individuals' behaviour based on their perceived attractiveness.
1 June 2023

研發嶄新溝通框架 助中醫提升臨牀診症成效 (Chinese Version Only)

25 May 2023

城大研新外語自學系統 個人化設計提升閱讀能力 (Chinese Version Only)

21 May 2023

Combatting ‘job-hopping’ isn’t the solution, solidarity with Hong Kong’s migrant domestic workers is

Commenting on the government’s narrative on job-hopping, Professor Lydia CATEDRAL of CityU's Department of Linguistics and Translation revealed migrant domestic workers' struggles during pandemic.
11 May 2023

城大以不同學習計劃 帶領中學生認識香港 (Chinese Version Only)

4 May 2023

社交媒體融入內地企業 研究指有助改善員工與公司的關係 (Chinese Version Only)