24 November 2021

CityU CSHK PASS Workshop Series #6 – Cultural Diversity and Risk Management: Hong Kong Professional Services, Overseas Investment and Special Economic Zone Development in Myanmar

What are the opportunities and risks of investing or expanding business operation in Myanmar? What are the benefits and concerns for developing Special Economic Zone related businesses there? What unique roles could Hong Kong professional services play to facilitate mutual advancement? This Workshop aims to present a portrait of business opportunities and challenges in Myanmar from three perspectives: 1) the local, 2) the Belt and Road and 3) Hong Kong. Through triangulation of first-hand information, insights and successful experience shared by seasoned entrepreneurs, professional practitioners, Special Economic Zone management and local researchers, participants would be able to distil an in-depth understanding of cultural diversity and risk management of overseas investments, as well as Special Economic Zone development in Myanmar. In particular, this Workshop will unpack the challenges and scrutinize the pathways whereby Hong Kong professional services and businesses may perform their distinctive roles in mitigating risks and thus take part for mutual gains and sustainable development in Myanmar. Date 16 December 2021 (Thursday) Time 10:30am – 1:30pm (Hong Kong Time) 9am – 12pm (Myanmar Time) Registration Format – Hybrid (due to COVID-19 conditions): o Zoom: for speakers not in Hong Kong plus all participants o Zoom link to be shared via email to participants 2 days before event and the event day morning – Mainly in English – Free of charge – CPD included (Please contact your respective Association for details) – A complimentary training pack containing background materials and analysis is included Rundown Click here for event brief Enquiry Email:
29 December 2022

Myanmar’s Ousted Leader Gets 33 Years in Prison, a Likely Life Sentence

Dr Renaud EGRETEAU of CityU's Department of Public and International Affairs comments on the enduring impact of Aung San Suu Kyi, the matriarchal figure in Myanmar, as her trials were wrapped up with months of legal proceedings.