Chinese and History

19 May 2022
研究人鬼戀故事 探尋有趣文化現象

研究人鬼戀故事 探尋有趣文化現象 (Chinese Version Only)

研究人鬼戀故事 探尋有趣文化現象 城大中文及歷史學系林學忠博士從社會文化角度出發,研究傳統文學作品中的人鬼戀故事,闡釋這類作品與社會、民眾之間的關係,藉此了解當時的風尚、生活面貌與時代精神。
6 August 2022
開卷樂 -《太平戲院紀事 — 院主源詹勳日記選輯(1926-1949)》

開卷樂 -《太平戲院紀事 — 院主源詹勳日記選輯(1926-1949)》(Chinese Version Only)

開卷樂 -《太平戲院紀事 — 院主源詹勳日記選輯(1926-1949)》 城大中文及歷史學系程美寶教授整理了太平戲院第二代院主源詹勳的日記,撰寫了《太平戲院紀事——院主源詹勳日記選輯(1926-1949)》一書,並於電台節目之中分享個人著作。
20 April 2023

從骨殖追溯華工出洋 數碼人文探究歷史經緯 (Chinese Version Only)

5 October 2023

傑出教學獎2023|城大教授將AI融入歷史教育 激發學生主動求證 (Chinese Version Only)

9 November 2023

香港學者:考古成為文化「通用語」 (Chinese Version Only)

18 April 2024

Homecoming Journey of Overseas Chinese Labourers in the 19th Century 海外華工落葉歸根之旅

(Video in Chinese only with bilingual subtitles) During late Qing dynasty, many Chinese men in Guangdong region were trafficked as contract labourers who ventured abroad. In this video, Prof Fan Ka-wai, Associate Professor of CityU’s Department of Chinese and History, has conducted a research project to look into the archival records released by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGH), and then present new discovery on the global network and part played by TWGH in connecting overseas and local communities in Chinese diaspora history.