Media and Communications

29 September 2021

Tips to Correct Misinformation 糾正假消息的秘訣

(Video in English only with bilingual subtitles) Misinformation and fake news have become a global issue with the quick expansion of social media use. The findings of this study could provide some insights on effective misinformation correction strategies. In this video, Dr Nancy DAI Yue, Assistant Professor of CityU’s Department of Media and Communication, will share with you some tips to correct misinformation effectively by changing the information presentation order and adding a debiasing message.
20 September 2023

Survey Reveals Hong Kong Citizens Mentally Overcome Pandemic Gloom But Information Fatigue Looms

Since the World Health Organization declared an end to COVID-19 as a public health emergency, Hong Kong citizens’ lives have gradually resumed normal. Professor Christine HUANG Yi-hui, Chair Professor of CityU’s Department of Media and Communication (COM), and her research team* conducted online surveys with 1,913 Hong Kong citizens aged 20+ from April to July 2023. The objective is to understand their perceptions of psychological, living and interpersonal well-being.