The Brain Cluster conducts study of the human brain and its impact on affective, behavioral, and cognitive functions as well as how individuals learn, communicate, feel, and think using neuroscience and advanced information technologies.

Membership List

Convenor: Research Interest:
Professor Fiona NAH Fui-hoon (COM) Human-computer interaction; NeuroIS; physiological measures of human emotions and states
Core Members:
Dr HUANG Hsu-wen (LT) Language comprehension across the adult lifespan; visual word recognition; hemispheric asymmetry; event-related potentials (ERPs)
Dr LI Jixing (LT) Computational neurolinguistics: modeling language processing in the brain using fMRI, MEG and EEG
Dr LIU Xiaofan (COM) Network science; cryptocurrency; the darknet
Dr TSE Chun-yu (SS) Cognitive neuroscience: brain dynamics in change detection and prediction violation; brain imaging and stimulation methods: multimodal imaging methods, optical brain imaging, magnetic and electric brain stimulation, and functional connectivity
Dr Andus WONG Wing-kuen (SS) Language processing; speech planning and production; speech motor learning and control; visual word recognition; communication disorders; stress and speech performance
Dr Dannii YEUNG (SS) Psychological adjustment to retirement; age difference in work motives, emotion regulation, and conflict management; attention and emotion
Dr ZHEN Shanshan (SS) Social cognitive and decision neuroscience: modeling human decision motives and strategies in adults and children using fMRI and EEG
Affiliated Members:
Dr HUANG Guanxiong (COM) Professor KIT Chun-yu (LT)
Dr LIN Fen (COM)

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December 2022
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Wednesday 18 May 2022
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Professor Fiona NAH Fui-hoon

Convenor (Brain), College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, CityU
Professor, Department of Media and Communication
Tel: (852) 3442-8868