Community Impact

23 September 2020

Giving the Disabled a Helping Hand to Equality

The project “A Ten-year Rehabilitation Programme Plan for Macau 2016-2025” of Professor Wing LO, Acting Head of the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences provides a comprehensive policy framework to support the integration of disabled people into society.
21 October 2022
Hope-based Research

A Journey of Hope: Impact of Hope-based Research 希望之旅:「希望為本」研究之影響

Hope-based Research (Video in English only with bilingual subtitles) People often feel helpless and depressed when facing life-altering situations such as a terminal diagnosis, incarceration and even a global pandemic. While many clinical psychologists mainly provide their patients with symptom treatments that focuses on “now”, Prof Samuel HO Mun-yin, Head of CityU’s Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, has dedicated over two decades to his hope-based treatments that focus on the future. Prof Ho has established Chinese Hope Scales to measure the cognitive style of hope; these instruments have been widely adopted by practitioners in hospitals and NGOs. Based on his research findings, Prof Ho has developed five hope storybooks and two treatment manuals for hope-based interventions, and was involved in the development of a gender-responsive treatment facility in the largest women’s prison in Hong Kong. His work has also gained recognition overseas these years. He was invited to provide training and consultation to over 400 clinicians in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK.
15 September 2023

Empowering Novices to become Experts: Impact of the Legal English Project 培養初學者成爲專家:法律英語項目之影響

legal-english-research (Video in English only with bilingual subtitles) Learning ‘legal English’, the specialised language that students encounter in law school, is particularly challenging. Law students must learn to use English forms and structures in such a way as to meet the expectations of members of the legal academic community, consistent with the conventions of the legal discipline. Professor Christoph Hafner, Associate Professor of CityU’s Department of English, formed an interdisciplinary project team with legal and language experts in local and overseas universities, in order to develop a digital multimedia resource for legal English based on an analysis of the language needs of Hong Kong law students. The resources are available online, bringing effective communication and advocacy skills for law students and legal professionals worldwide.