Carrie LUI

13 July 2021

An Encounter with Pineapple Boy 我和菠蘿仔有個約會

(Video in Cantonese only with bilingual subtitles) Feeling anxious about your examination? In this video, Dr John LEE of CityU’s Department of Linguistics and Translation introduces the first Cantonese counselling chatbot developed by his team which offers support and counselling advice to students who suffer from academic issues, test anxiety or loneliness.  He also explains how his research team facilitates the chatbot development.
4 March 2021

Investigating the Language Abilities and Attitudes on Ethnic Minority Students

Dr LI Bin of CityU’s Department of Linguistics and Translation conducted a survey on ethnic minority students in Hong Kong to examine their proficiency levels and attitudes of the main languages in use.
4 March 2021

Seeking Justice on the Web: How News Media and Social Norms Drive the Practice of Cyber Vigilantism

Dr Stella CHIA of CityU’s Department of Media and Communication has conducted a research study to investigate whether people’s evaluations and reactions to crowdsourced vigilantism are subject to media and social influences.
4 March 2021

Understanding Political Polarisation in the New Media Age

The distribution of public opinion signals social preferences. People make many decisions in their daily lives based on their perception of the opinion climate. Similarly, policymakers formulate policy proposals based on their understanding of public opinion. With digital and social media becoming an integral part of people’s daily lives for information and communication, the proliferation of digital technologies is changing not only how public opinion can be represented, but also how it can be studied. By adopting a big data-based approach, Dr Chris SHEN Fei, Department of Media and Communication, specialising in the social and political impact of new media technologies, has proposed ways of understanding public opinion through online textual mining.
25 February 2021

Background and trust in government affect citizens’ willingness to receive COVID-19 vaccines

A research team led by Professor Christine HUANG Yihui, Chair Professor of Communication and Media, conducted a poll to find out citizens’ willingness to get vaccinated and any correlation between their tendencies and backgrounds.
24 February 2021

Investigating Hong Kong Nurses’ Intention to Take Vaccines

Dr Ben LI Kin-kit and his collaborators conducted a study to investigate Hong Kong nurses’ influenza vaccine uptake rate, their intention to have COVID-19 vaccine and the psychological underpinnings of their vaccine hesitancy.
24 February 2021

New Methodology for Assessing Spatial Inequality Quantitatively

Spatial inequality in basic service provision can negatively affect living standards, economic security, and human rights, and have wide policy implications. Thus, the issue needs to be considered when developing strategic planning for smart city development. Professor ZHANG Xiaoling and her team presented a new methodology to evaluate the distribution of resources in metropolitan cities based on small-area-level analysis, and proved the effectiveness of this methodology using New York City as an empirical case.
24 February 2021

越年輕越高學歷越唔會打針 城大調查:因唔信政府向疫苗say no (Chinese Version Only)

23 February 2021

Philippine ‘People Power’ at 35: a strange metamorphosis under Duterte

Professor Mark R THOMPSON opines that Rodrigo Duterte is more closely linked to People Power than often thought, and most Filipinos continue to support Duterte’s claim even though his promises for ‘real change’ have proved hollow.
21 January 2021

調查:23%受訪者中等至嚴重抑鬱 18至44歲、女性抑鬱指數較高 (Chinese Version Only)

15 January 2021

Structured Handovers of Nurses for Better Patient Care

Adopting a structured and clear clinical handovers can largely reduce any miscommunication about patient that leads to avoidable incidents, says Dr Jack PUN of CityU’s Department of English.
12 January 2021

向欺凌說不:故事介入治療 改善行為 閱讀踢走欺凌 不做小霸王、復仇者 (Chinese version only)

21 December 2020

Treasure Box of Psychology Research 心理研究百寶箱

(Video in Cantonese only with bilingual subtitles) In this video, Dr Dannii Yeung and Dr Tse Chun-yu of CityU’s Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences introduce the eye tracker and EEG machine, examples of equipment that are being used in psychology research studies. They also share their research studies on people’s emotional reactions to intergenerational workplace conflicts and the cognitive mechanism of individuals in detecting environmental changes.
25 November 2020

Efficacy of Omega-3 Supplementation in Reducing Antisocial Behaviour

Omega-3 supplementation may help reduce childhood antisocial and aggressive behaviour in females, and in children with high psychopathic-like personality, in an East Asian population, a study conducted by Dr Annis FUNG Lai-chu suggested.
29 October 2020

Process-based Model in Digital Multimodal Composing Assessment

CLASS Faculty investigated how to assess the multimodal compositions, which go beyond expression through language alone, by interviewing teachers on a CityU course in English for science, about how they assess students’ digital video scientific documentaries.
11 October 2020

Correlating PM2.5 concentrations with air pollutant emissions : A longitudinal study of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

This paper models the statistical relationship between PM2.5 concentration and air pollutant emissions (SO2, NOx, etc.), together with wind and neighboring transfer impacts at the city level, to identify ways of calculating intended maximum emission levels in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.
11 October 2020


11 October 2020

In the wake of the China-Africa ivory trade : more-than-human ethics across borders

Global responses to the hotly debated China-Africa ivory trade in the past decade offer an entry point to examine whether and how African elephants have come to matter in China ethically. This article highlights the complexity of more-than-human ethics across geographic spaces and politico-cultural boundaries.
11 October 2020

Recent progress on innovative urban infrastructures system towards sustainable resource management

To address various emerging challenges and capture opportunities for urban transition from an infrastructure system innovation perspective, this Special Issue (“Urban infrastructures system for sustainable resource management”) of the journal highlighted recent progress on characterizing the sustainability of infrastructure system towards sustainable urban development and resource management.
11 October 2020

Social media and citizen engagement : A meta-analytic review

This meta-analytic study reviews empirical research published from 2007 to 2013 with an aim of providing robust conclusions about the relationship between social media use and citizen engagement.