Fake news

29 September 2021

Tips to Correct Misinformation 糾正假消息的秘訣

(Video in English only with bilingual subtitles) Misinformation and fake news have become a global issue with the quick expansion of social media use. The findings of this study could provide some insights on effective misinformation correction strategies. In this video, Dr Nancy DAI Yue, Assistant Professor of CityU’s Department of Media and Communication, will share with you some tips to correct misinformation effectively by changing the information presentation order and adding a debiasing message.
24 April 2022
假消息氾濫 學者研究如何讓真相廣傳

假消息氾濫 學者研究如何讓真相廣傳 (Chinese Version Only)

假消息氾濫 學者研究如何讓真相廣傳 城大媒體與傳播系代悅博士就疫情新常態下防疫信息氾濫的假消息現象進行研究,希望能有效遏止假消息傳播並作出糾正。