Carrie LUI

8 October 2020

Electoral and Public Opinion Forecasts with Social Media Data : A Meta-Analysis

In recent years, many studies have used social media data to make estimates of electoral outcomes and public opinion. This paper reports the findings from a meta-analysis examining the predictive power of social media data.
8 October 2020

Editorial: Introduction to this Special Issue : English for Academic and Professional Purposes in the Digital Era

Developments in digital communication technologies have had a significant effect on the way that people communicate, including how we gain access to, create and disseminate knowledge in academic and professional contexts. The purpose of this special issue is to engage with these issues.
7 October 2020

媒體在流行病爆發事件中的干預作用 : 基於傳染病模型理論和新型冠狀病毒疫情案例的分析

7 October 2020

The Role of Expectation Violation in Online Patient-Doctor Communication: Evidence from a Chinese Online E-health Websites

Drawing on the expectancy violation theory, this study investigates how patients’ expectation affects their trust with the doctor and their satisfaction with the mediated patient-doctor interaction.
7 October 2020

The Impact of Government Trust on the Public Health Risk Management : An Empirical Study Based on Changsheng Bio-Technology Vaccine Incident

This study acknowledges the current research gap and builds an integrative framework portraying a more comprehensive picture about the relationship between government trust and public health risk assessment in the high-trust Chinese context.
7 October 2020

公益廣告的健康傳播策略評估 : 以香港流感廣告爲例

28 September 2020

Hong Kong Professional Services in the Co-evolving Belt-Road Initiative: Innovative Agency for Sustainable Development

Principal investigator: Professor Linda LI Che-lan (Department of Public Policy) Grant type: Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) Funding Scheme
28 September 2020

How to Reduce Political Polarization Hong Kong? A Pilot Experiment of Deliberation

Principal investigator: Dr Chris SHEN Fei (Department of Media and Communication) Grant type: Public Policy Research (PPR) Special Round
28 September 2020

Project title: A pre- and post-test intervention design to develop a communication training model for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM): a pilot study

Principal investigator: Dr Jack PUN (EN) Grant type: Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF)
28 September 2020

CityPal: A Chatbot for Enhancing Young Adults’ Psychological Well-Being

Principal investigator: Dr John LEE Sie-yuen (Department of Linguistics and Translation) Grant type: Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF)  
23 September 2020

Giving the Disabled a Helping Hand to Equality

The project “A Ten-year Rehabilitation Programme Plan for Macau 2016-2025” of Professor Wing LO, Acting Head of the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences provides a comprehensive policy framework to support the integration of disabled people into society.
23 September 2020

Safeguarding intangible heritage through edutainment in China’s creative urban environments

Dr LUO Yu of the Department of Chinese and History critically examines the role of edutainment in intangible heritage preservation.
23 September 2020

How Hong Kong can tackle the climate crisis and its economic problems at the same time

Dr Justin Robertson commends the work carried out within the “Hong Kong 2050 is Now” project, and proposes a new institution to kick-start Hong Kong’s efforts to address climate change.
23 September 2020

Unveil Urbanization ‘Bubbles’ in China : Sustainable Urbanization in Theory and Policy

This chapter reflects the matching of urbanization demand and supply through the four-quadrant axis and completes the empirical analysis of China’s urbanization bubble in terms of land between 2006 and 2016.
23 September 2020

Examining the roles of social media and alternative media in social movement participation : A study of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement

During the recent wave of pro-democracy movement across the world, new media technologies play a vital role in mobilizing participants. This study examines the impacts of social media and alternative media on social movement participation in Hong Kong.
23 September 2020

Establishing the Innovative Spectrum Policies to support the 5G, IOT, and AI Ecosystem : Case of Taiwan

Since many companies or organizations in Taiwan have expressed the need to build 5G enterprise application networks, the government in Taiwan has committed to establish innovative spectrum policies to support the vertical application model to develop the 5G enterprise network to accelerate the digital transformation. This presentation will discuss the stakeholders’ views with regard to the 5G vertical application domains.
23 September 2020

Depolarization through Social Media Use : Evidence from dual identifiers in Hong Kong

This article elaborates the roles played by different forms of social identities, by analysing three datasets collected in Hong Kong,
23 September 2020

唐代人物大數據 : 中國歷代人物傳記資料庫(CBDB)和數位史學

22 September 2020

Charting the Emergence of the Digital Humanities in China

This chapter seeks to chart the emergence of the digital humanities paradigm within the Chinese humanities, especially its more recent developments from the mid-2010s onwards.
21 September 2020

Countering Anti-Vaccination Rumors on Twitter

This study examined the effects of the counter-rumor on changes in belief about the anti-vaccination claim, anxiety associated with the rumor, intentions to vaccinate a child and share the rumor.