Nurturing Medical Professionals to be Pioneer in Medical Education Research

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15 November 2023
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Nurturing Medical Professionals to be Pioneer in Medical Education Research

Principal investigator: Prof Jack PUN (Department of English)

Prof Jack Pun conducted Qualitative Research Workshop 2023 to medical professionals and educators at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, Hong Kong Jockey Club Innovative Centre for Medicine

Qualitative research is conducted to build an understanding of an phenomena (i.e. human behaviour, cultural or social organisation). It often focuses on meaning and details of people’s experiences. It may be descriptive when explaining complex phenomena such as social or cultural dynamics and individual perception. In facilitating health communication, case studies which involve various data comprised of words and behaviours are often carried out through qualitative research methods. In the medical context, participants’ perspectives are understood by in-depth interview or observation in their natural setting (e.g. a clinic or hospital).

Professor Jack PUN, Assistant Professor of CityU’s Department of English, is an expert in health communication and has extensive experience in conducting qualitative research in medicine. He was invited by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine on 11 November 2023 to host a workshop at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Innovative Centre for Medicine (HKJC ILCM) to share his expertise and provide research training to its faculty members and related clinicians in Hong Kong.

HKJC ILCM is one of the world-renowned centres in innovative postgraduate medication education. It provides innovative, effective, and modern simulation-based education to all qualified clinicians, nurses or health professionals in Hong Kong. They have a long history to run simulation educator courses and simulation trainer certification programme to cultivate contemporary instructional methods and provide recognition to their trainers.

The workshop aims to equip clinicians in various clinical disciplines to conduct medical education research using qualitative methods. Over 20 experienced clinicians with diversified medical backgrounds, eagerly attended the workshop, both in person and online, with the aim of learning and improving their qualitative research skills. Prof Pun discussed with the participants and offered his insights drawn from his experience in various projects in health communication. The session helped the participants to establish a robust theoretical foundation for conducting qualitative studies. In addition to Prof Pun’s workshop about using Nvivo software to analyse medical data, Dr So from the HKJC ILCM, a renowned medical doctor and research consultant also provided his experience of how clinicians in Hong Kong can conduct qualitative research.

This interactive workshop conducted by Prof Jack Pun and his team is well received by the participants who are serving as a key role of educators in their respective clinical settings. The workshop received positive feedback from the participants, who expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with the workshop’s quality and usefulness. Many attendees shared that they gained substantial knowledge from Prof Pun’s research, and felt more self-assured and capable of utilizing the qualitative research skills for their individual research endeavours.

The workshop proved to be a resounding success, as it effectively introduced and acquainted the participants with fundamentals of qualitative research and practical skills in using Nvivo software. The event also provided a valuable platform in Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKJC) for networking and idea exchange among medical professionals who share a mutual interest in qualitative research. The HKJC ILCM expressed their gratitude to both the speakers and participants for their active participation and contributions, with the hope that the workshop would inspire and facilitate further qualitative research in medical education at postgraduate level.

Prof Pun will be one of the speakers in the International Conference on Healthcare Communication: “Create Safer and More Compassionate Healthcare Practices in Nursing and Communication” to be held on 28 December 2023. For details and registration, please visit