2024 International Conference on Urban Affairs “Asian Cities on the Edge” Call for Papers

2024 International Conference on Urban Affairs “Asian Cities on the Edge” Call for Papers


Asian Cities on the Edge

This track is dedicated to curating studies that delve into the particularities of Asian cities in a networked world, where economic, social, environmental, and political issues are thrown together. Our aim is to not only to highlight lesser-explored facets, challenges, tensions, and indigenous knowledge emerging from underrepresented Asian cities, but also to foster a dynamic platform for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to engage in a dialogue at the intersection of research, policy, and justice. We are committed to exploring fresh perspectives in global urban studies through an Asian lens, where historical legacies and contemporary logics mingle, where provincialized knowledge (west and east, north and south) encounter and inspire each other.

In addition to the topics outlined in the UAA conference call, we enthusiastically welcome proposals on the following themes:

  • The Digital Transformation of Cities
  • Asian cities in the global landscape of the digital economy
  • Work, Workplace, and Labor in the Digital Era
  • Small Commons and Placemaking in Authoritarian Urban Settings
  • Healthy Cities, Vulnerability, and Resident Well-being
  • (Im)Mobility, Migration, and Citizenship
  • Circular Economy in Urban Contexts
  • Climate Change and Networked Governance
  • Global Production of Knowledge in Urban Studies

More topics listed on the UAA call can be found here:

Track Review Committee
– Chair, Prof June Wang (City University of Hong Kong)
– Prof Jiat Hwee Chang (National University of Singapore)
– Prof Kam Wing Chan (University of Washington)
– Prof Jeffrey Hou (University of Washington)
– Prof Zhigang Li (Wuhan University)
– Prof Hyun Bang Shin (London School of Economics)

Participation Formats

Research Paper
Researchers may submit proposals to present well-researched papers. If accepted, the Track Committee will group these papers into panels, where each presenter discusses their work. Panel moderators introduce panelists and manage time.                                

Colloquy Session (Pre-Organised)
A colloquy is a structured, formal discussion featuring selected individuals (typically four or five participants). Presenters share prepared remarks and engage in an open dialogue with the audience. Colloquy participants do not present written papers but draw upon their general knowledge, background, and experience to discuss the chosen topic.

To Submit a Proposal for a Paper or Colloquy in this Track
Follow the instructions on the Conference Participation webpage. If you have already submitted a proposal and would like to be considered for this new Track, you may edit your submission by changing the Topical Category.

Extremely important:
Please select: Special Track: Asian Cities on the Edge in the Topical Category section when submitting your proposal online.

Deadline for the Special Track only: 16 Oct 2023

The event is finished.



16 Oct 2023


All Day


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